Top 10 Manufacturing Automation Consulting/Service Companies - 2020
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Top 10 Manufacturing Automation Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Today, the rapid advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are driving the transformation of factory floors and the economics of the manufacturing sector. With the ability to outperform humans in a range of work activities, incorporating machine automation has become a top priority for organizations in the manufacturing arena. And in light of these developments, the current manufacturing sector is witnessing a mushrooming of automation solution and service providers that combine their industry expertise with emerging technology to offer intuitive and next-gen solutions.

A prime example of a manufacturing automation solution is the industrial robot that is being used in the execution of high precision and repetitive tasks in car assembly plants, and more. These robots offer high computing and better machine vision-based capabilities to help manufacturers produce superior products faster. However, without the effective implementation of such solutions, manufacturing firms struggle to make the most of their investment; and that is where manufacturing automation consulting companies plays a key role. With services that allow companies to scale and align the deployed automation solution with their needs and demands, consultation services assist manufacturing companies in gaining a positive ROI for their implementation and boost the efficiency of their overall production line.

Looking ahead, manufacturing automation is predicted to strongly rely on multi-function industrial robots that are capable of executing different duties on a production line. Moreover, with further advancements in artificial intelligence, these robots will have the ability to make decisions and work autonomously. Above all, the future of manufacturing automation will enable factories to efficiently utilize their raw materials, human resources, and energy.

With a comprehensive understanding of these new developments, Manufacturing Technology Insights has compiled a list of leading manufacturing automation solution providers and consulting companies to guide firms in harnessing the power innovative technologies to tackle today’s manufacturing challenges. We hope this edition helps you build partnerships that you and your firm require in order to foster a better manufacturing environment.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Manufacturing Automation Consulting/ Service Companies – 2020.”

    Top Manufacturing Automation Consulting/Service Companies

  • Highline Controls offers ingenious designs and custom engineering excellence that enables organizations in the healthcare space to accelerate their journey from the development phase to clinical trials and into full-scale production. Highline Controls follows a robust design process that stems from the concept of Complex Adaptive Systems. Highline uses this approach and focuses on designing simple independent components that have simple functions and then combining these components into a solution. The Highline team helps their clients in making simple changes to the design and manufacturing process to build a more reliable product. With an innate ability to find simple solutions for complicated problems, Highline Controls lends a helping hand to scores of companies by developing innovative engineering designs

  • Acieta


    Acieta is a leader in the robotics business that provides a wide range of robotically automated solutions and services for the manufacturing industry. As part of its mission to be a true partner to its customer base, Acieta is committed to solving challenges facing all manufacturers, such as lowering costs, increasing productivity and addressing labor shortfalls. Acieta is committed to creating a positive future for North American manufacturing.

  • Bresatech


    Bresatech delivers customized business solutions for a wide range of national and international organizations in both the public and private sectors. Our key areas of expertise are Operations and Strategy, Technology, Human Capital, and Global Services. Their leadership possesses extensive experience in global business consulting and has served some of the world’s largest companies, providing them with tailor-made solutions that help them achieve their business objectives and advance their competitive edge. n addition, with solid financial backing, Bresatech combines the leverage of a large firm with the nimbleness of a start-up to deliver the domain expertise each client needs for growth and advancement.

  • Brooks Automation

    Brooks Automation

    Brooks is a leading worldwide provider of automation and cryogenic solutions for multiple markets including semiconductor manufacturing and life sciences. Brooks™ technologies, engineering competencies and global service capabilities provide customers speed to market and ensure high uptime and rapid response, which equate to superior value in their mission-critical controlled environments. Brooks has been a leading partner to the global semiconductor manufacturing market and, through product development initiatives and strategic business acquisitions, has expanded offerings to meet the needs of customers in the life sciences industry, analytical & research markets and clean energy solutions.

  • Camtech Manufacturing Solutions

    Camtech Manufacturing Solutions

    Camtech Manufacturing Solutions (CMS) is a full-service automation solution company dedicated to providing innovative manufacturing solutions. Recognized as an automation integrator and certified service provider, CMS provides an in-depth range of services to meet the needs of our customers in any industry environment. Camtech Manufacturing Solutions exists to provide a resource for automation services, engineering, consulting, and solutions for manufacturers and automation integrators.

  • Diversified Automation

    Diversified Automation

    Diversified Automation is an industrial automation solution provider, leading the industry in experience, service, and innovation. We specialize in the express parcel shipping industry. As a full-service integrator of automated applications Diversified Automation fabricates, installs, and produces cost-effective material handling solutions to ensure systems are delivered on-time and within budget. Diversified Automation (DA) started in 2002 based on the philosophy that system controls make the difference in any material handling system. Now, a leading integrator solutions provider working with Fortune 500 companies.

  • Malisko Engineering

    Malisko Engineering

    Malisko Engineering delivers cutting-edge automation technology in rapid project time frames at competitive pricing. The company has grown into a multi-disciplined team of engineers, designers, programmers, automation, network, security and validation specialists. Malisko Engineering helps their clients to meet their goals with well-planned system design and implementation. They’ve built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality, tailored solutions for production and manufacturing facilities — large, small, local, national, and international.

  • Murata Machinery USA

    Murata Machinery USA

    Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Murata Machinery Ltd., a world leader in machine tool technology, automated material handling systems, clean room automation, and textile machinery. Established in 1935, Murata Machinery Ltd., is the sole manufacturer of the Muratec brand, which is synonymous with industrial automation and reliability across our extensive product line. Murata Machinery, USA Inc. provides globally-advanced solutions, tailored to the needs of the North American manufacturer. Each of our solutions uses time-tested technology and is customized at our Charlotte, NC office providing our customers with turnkey solutions to meet their exact needs.

  • Practical Robotic Services

    Practical Robotic Services

    Practical Robotic Services is a leader in the industrial automation that specialize in robot based work cells for manufacturers. Practical Robotic Services has been helping manufactures of all sizes automate their production lines for 15 years. Flexible, reliable, and efficient machines are their hallmark.

  • Selway Machine Tool Company

    Selway Machine Tool Company

    Selway Machine Tool Company is a leading Machine Tool and advance Automation Solution’s provider that offers the finest multi-tasking, 5-axis, milling, turning centers, and state-of-the-art automation systems. Selway Machine Tool Company support their customers with local service technicians, application engineers, and showrooms with live tooling.